Practice careful computing

As the number and incidence of successful security attacks continues to rise, we want to take a moment to remind all users to continue to practice careful computing both in the workplace and at home. We have been fortunate to have escaped any serious threats or damage so far. This is due to a combination of good security tools that we have put in place and having users that are aware and following good practices in their computing tasks.

The most important and simplest thing to remember is that you should continue to exercise common sense and be careful where you click. If you receive an email or land on a web site that looks unfamiliar or suspicious, there is a good change that you are at risk. Your next move at this point can be terrifically important, and you may not be certain what to do. The short answer is this: IF YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN, DON’T CLICK ON ANYTHING.

Suspicious-looking emails can simply be deleted and unfamiliar/suspicious-looking web pages can be closed. If you are unsure whether the item you are looking at is legitimate, we are always happy to get involved. You can call us at 2498 or email a screenshot to and we will do our best to help you. We are grateful when you reach out to us with this type of question/issue, as it helps us help you to prevent problems, and makes us aware of how much of this type of activity is taking place. You all are our first line of defense and WE APPRECIATE YOUR DILIGENCE 😊

There is a lot of additional information available about Cybersecurity, one safe source is the Department of Homeland Security: