Technology Services

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Technology Services Department is to develop, oversee, and coordinate all data processing and information management functions for Door County government buildings and agencies. We ensure that adequate services are available to County agencies in order to provide efficient and necessary use of data to render needed services to County staff and taxpayers.


The Department implements and supports a wide variety of County technology that includes, but is not limited to, Local/Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), physical and virtual servers, end-point devices, phones, courtroom technology, building/department related systems (alarm/security/time clock/fuel/scale/PSRS Radio), audio visual technology, and telecommunications.

Provision and maintenance of secure and highly available 24 x 7 access to information systems and support is handled by the Technology Services Department.  We ensure that technology hardware and software continues to meet the needs of the organization.  This includes, when necessary, modifying, rewriting, and enhancing or upgrading software/hardware that no longer accomplishes these needs.  Our staff continues to supply requesting departments with computerization solutions, and responds to any hardware or software problem that arises.

Technology Services provides daily operational support including the operation of a 24 x 7 County helpdesk.  The helpdesk provides support, guidance, and formal and informal training to end users.  We manage and respond to any requests, suggestions or problems that may come up with technology systems.  We add new users to County systems including phone and voicemail.  We also maintain and operate accounting systems related to the capture of County technology costs such as print and telephone. We produce monthly reporting to all departments on their specific costs.

We communicate and collaborate with all County staff/departments on technical plans, whether short or long term, involving the purchase, use, or support of computerized data.  This involves thorough investigation of the actual job that needs to be accomplished and analyzing the hardware and/or software required to meet the goals and objectives of the end user. All requests from county departments for computerization and/or data processing filter through the Technology Services Department.

It is necessary for the department to keep abreast of current trends, threats and solutions available in order to meet the needs of our users by using books, manuals, magazines, the internet, seminars, vendor-specific user groups and classroom training. This is a very rapidly evolving field of work, with new technologies being developed and released monthly. It is also a time where dissemination of information via the Internet is becoming the norm or expectation of our constituents. 

All software subscriptions, licenses and maintenance renewals are processed in the TS department. It is vital that these are kept current and up-to-date to prevent a lapse in coverage or a possible outage of service.