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March 6 , 2024

Property Address: 206 W. Spruce St., Sturgeon Bay WI 54235 **Cancelled**


Bidders are required to have 10% of their bid in cash, money order or certified check at the time of the sale.  (All money orders and certified checks involving Sheriff Sales are made payable to the Door County Clerk of Courts.) The balance is due at the time of the confirmation hearing.  The court has the final say in all sales.

Opening bids are usually made by the plaintiff or their attorney. Once the opening bid is made, others are welcome to bid on the properties. All third-party bidders must complete an Eligible Third-Party Bidder Affidavit (PDF) (Form CV-550 per Wisconsin Statute 846.155). The property will be awarded to the highest bidder.

The amount of the deposit is 10% of the bid unless otherwise identified in the terms and conditions set forth in the Notice of Foreclosure Sale.  A receipt for the deposit will be provided to the successful bidder.

Confirmation of Sale Hearing

The Door County Circuit Court will hold a Confirmation of Sale hearing at a later date.  Successful bidders may contact the Clerk of Courts to determine when the Confirmation of Sale hearing date is scheduled and may also check the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Consolidated Court Automation Program (CCAP) via the internet. If the court confirms the sale, the successful bidder must pay the balance of the bid within the specified time period set forth in the terms and conditions of the Notice of Foreclosure Sale (usually 10 days) or the successful bidder forfeits their deposit.

After the Court’s confirmation of sale, the successful bidder can take possession of the property. If the defendant in the mortgage foreclosure action occupies the property, and the new owner wishes to remove them, the new owner must obtain from the Courts a Writ of Assistance which will allow the Sheriff’s Office to remove the parties.

Reminder: Successful bidders are also responsible for all legal liens, encumbrances and unpaid real estate taxes.

Transfer Fee

A transfer fee is due whenever a "third party" is the successful bidder. A "third party" is defined as someone who is not holding a lien or mortgage on the property or if under a land contract, is not the seller. The transfer fee is paid to the Sheriff at the time of the sale. The fee is the sale price x .3%.

Property Information

All properties are sold as is and are not available for viewing.  The successful bidder is also responsible for all legal liens, encumbrances, and unpaid real estate taxes. If you have a serious interest in a property, you may desire to contact a title company or an attorney to perform a title search. For further questions regarding the legalities of purchasing a foreclosed home, please contact an attorney that specializes in foreclosures.

The Door County Sheriff’s Office website is an official posting site for the sheriff sales. The Sheriff’s website is updated with signed upcoming notices, adjournments and cancellations. Last minute adjournments or cancellations prior to Wednesday sales may not be updated due to time limitations.

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