Mental Health & Community Engagement Deputy

Deputy Christopher Ott

2021 Ott

In 2021 the Door County Sheriff’s Office received approval to add a Mental Health and Community Engagement Deputy position, currently filled by Deputy Chris Ott. The main goal of the Mental Health and Community Engagement Deputy is to be the nexus between the legal systems and the mental health systems. Deputy Ott accomplishes this goal by working closely with the Door County Health and Human Services Crisis Team to follow-up on cases involving persons in crisis or persons in need of services. Deputy Ott also works with several mental health-oriented community partners/committees to provide a law enforcement perspective.

A key goal for 2022 is to work with the District Attorney’s Office in adding a Mental Health tract to the existing treatment court.  

For community engagement, Deputy Ott plans to be a recognizable face in the communities of Door County and to be an additional resource available to community members.

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