Why can’t more information be disclosed on positive cases, such as location?

Privacy laws prevent the disclosure of protected health information. Individually identifiable information (e.g., name, address, phone number, or email) of individuals infected with or exposed to COVID-19 may not be disclosed to the public or media.

As a result, Door County must be careful when communicating the status of specific COVID-19 cases with the public or media. We may disclose aggregate information about the number of individuals infected with or exposed to COVID-19, but must be careful about revealing information about how the patient was exposed to COVID-19 or general information about where the individual lives, as this may allow the public or media to identify the individual through publicly available sources.

Some health departments have elected to map out individual cases or provide zip codes, age ranges, and more. We are not able to give out that level of demographic information. Doing so, because Door County’s population and number of cases is small, would run the very real risk of allowing the public or media to identify the individual.

We are able to disclose that the positive cases in Door County are not concentrated in any one locality. Rather, they are scattered throughout the county.

We appreciate that everyone wants as much information as possible. Please understand that we must use our professional judgment to determine how much information may be disclosed under the applicable privacy laws.

We need to all continue to follow Governor Evers’ Safer at Home guidelines to stop the spread of COVID.

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