Can we have the class at our location?

Maybe. Due to the amount of equipment, technology and space needed to provide a quality learning experience we try to hold all of our classes at the Sister Bay Fire Station. We have, on occasion, been able to move the class to a different location if all of the overall technical and space needs of the class are met. Due to the fact that our instructors are compensated for there time there are additional costs associated with moving the class to a location other than the Sister Bay Fire Station.

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1. How long are the classes?
2. Do I get certified?
3. Who is the certification through?
4. How often do I need to take the classes?
5. Is this the same as American Heart (AHA) CPR?
6. Can we have the class at our location?
7. How many people have you taught?
8. Is the class all lecture or is there some hands on?
9. I want to have a class for my business, what are the minimum and maximum number of people you will hold a special class for?