Digital Equity & Inclusion

Digital inclusion activities planned and implemented under these Programs build towards achieving digital equity. The programs also support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s broader goals of improving access, affordability and adoption.

• • Access-promotes the availability of reliable, broadband technology through stakeholder outreach and engagement. Advances the online accessibility of public resources and services. The County Broadband Committee is working on this, as well as my work in the position of Broadband Coordinator.

• • Affordability – promotes awareness of existing programs (e.g. Affordable Connectivity Program) that help low-income households afford broadband service. Offers Internet equipment and software at low or no cost. I have included information on these programs in our packet.

• • Adoption and equity- Narrows adoption disparities across covered populations by engaging with diverse stakeholders (all of you here) Implements digital inclusion programs that include digital skills and literacy training, technical support and workforce development. This is the work we will be focusing on and building through all of you.